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Don't ever run bad. Party 30/60 player:

{{Hands 73,824 - VIP 30 - R 17 - NF 21 - ag 2.0
Total winnings: $114,281

Routinely 3 bets small pocket pairs from bb, caps certainly dominated hands.


[/ QUOTE ]

ok, JV, this isn't even funny.

i just emailed a 2p2er about THIS EXACT SAME THING...

i have more hands on him. its obviously the same player.

i have him as a 145k winner at a rate of 3bb/100 over more hands than you have on him.

i asked my friend "how can this be humanly possible that this person plays almost 2X as many hands as i and has a higher win rate.?"

the response: "i certainly wish i knew."

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