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Default Re: Week 12 NFL player props thread

Two more bets:

Bobby Engram under 78.5 receiving yards at -115 for 1 unit (Bodog). Hackett is reported to be starting and Branch is finally healthy, so Engram goes back to WR3 (i.e., fewer targets). My only concern is that Seattle's offense has gotten pass-heavy now that Alexander is out. The Rams have been pretty good against 3rd and 4th receivers though.

49ers QBs under 20.5 pass completions at -115 for 1 unit (Bodog). This line seems a couple of completions too high. Gore is becoming more healthy, so the 49ers are unlikely to air it out as much as they have the last couple of weeks. Dilfer has completed only about half his passes, so he would have to throw over 40 times again to cover this line. The only worry is that he could throw a lot of short passes, although the Cardinals pass defense is very underrated.

Good luck to all.
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