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Default Re: Is there logic behind this rule??

It's ot a yes or no thing. There is certain dialogue in certain situations that is just not acceptable. Heads up, anything goes, basically. I've cut deals, made the guy pay to see one of my cards, run it twice, chop it up, etc. It doesn't matter, you can do what you want.

The "No talking" rule was made to stop collusion, and information being given that would affect the hand for multiple people. In that vein, it's just as distructive to muck your hand and say "I had pocket 7's" as it is for someone who is still in the pot to discuss the action in progress.

It's like that donkey who points out the "possible flush" when the 3rd Heart comes out on the turn. Nothing pisses me off more than reading the board and saving fish money in the game.

If you aren't in the hand, shut up.
If you are in the hand with more than one player, shut up.
If you are in a heads up pot, say whatever you want.
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