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Default Re: Absolute changes bonus terms again.

These people are just total scumbags. WTF kind of timing is this? They know if they can steal almost a million dollars and people will still play there so why not retroctively change bonus terms too?

[/ QUOTE ]

all the times they have lowered there bonus terms they didnt make you clear all your bonus at the bad rate to start getting the good one I would assume

As long as there doing it both ways that part shouldnt be a big deal.

[/ QUOTE ]

You mean the one time they went down in clear rate from a rate that was impossible to clear at all?

The issue is not that they changed terms on new bonuses. They have every right to do so. It is the fact that they bait and switch, yet another dishonest way they do business. They also don't even bother to notify their players.

As I've said before if you play there you know you will get screwed. You know what you're in for with these thieves.
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