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Default PDT 1/2 : Best place to panhandle

OK, so here's the deal. I was pondering two questions today. I thought there was a slight chance these threads might make for decent EDF threads, but a good chance that they quickly result in just pretty retarded discussion. But, whatev, I can lock threads, so here goes.

Don't answer this question unless you have an economic/business/sociological aspect to your post. XXX would rule!! or XXX sucks or BEGGARS SUCK or whatever are all idiotic responses, so don't make them. Thanks. If you think the thread sucks, just ignore it, it'll get locked soon enough if it sucks.

So, having said all that, here's the question.

If you're a panhandler w/ no skills (ie: you can't wash windows or tell jokes or sing songs) and all you can do is have a sign and hold out a container for people to pitch money in, what's the best location?

Here are some I've seen a lot of panhandlers on. I'm curious, from an economic and sociological perspective, which of these you think are the best places. I'll add my thoughts later.

1: In front of Starbucks/coffee shop
2: In front of bar
3: In front of restaurant
4: On street in business/financial district
5: On street in shopping district
6: On random neighborhood street
7: At busy corner/intersection

Those are just a few. What would be your place of choice if you had to get by holding out a cup and hoping for people to give you money?

Assume that we're talking averages here, so given panhandlers of all types, where is the best average take?
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