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Pick up Sklansky's book Tournament Poker for Advanced Players. He has a Tournament System for beginers 'the System' is an all-in or fold approach to No Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournaments that is intended for completely inexperienced players. The system is designed to be played in deep stack tournaments, after the first few levels when the blinds are very small (during which time, the player should only be pushing with AA).

In brief, the system says that if there is a raise in front of you, you should push AA, KK, AKs, and anything else gets mucked. You will also be open-pushing with 22+, suited connectors 45+, Axs, and AK.

The idea of the system is that by limiting one's self to pre-flop play, one can level the playing field. It doesn't matter that a player is not good at reads, calculating pot odds, extracting value, bluffing or even reading the board, because by implementing the system he's avoiding any situation where his gross skill disadvantage can be abused by other players.
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