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Default Re: NLTRN - Sucker straight in 3bet pot

There's nothing to bump, you played this terribly. I'm not sure if I like the RR here preflop. It's going to be hard to play this hand OOP at these stacks/blinds. If you get 4-bet, goodnight. If you get called, good luck if a K, A, or Q hits. I'll 4-bet here at a later stacks where I can committ easier and/or against a tight player who I have history with.

Flop is an easy check. It's just a terrible board to bet on. When he calls your 3-bet, you can narrow his range a bunch. So, he's either going to fold 88 (but won't bet on it on this board) or he's going to call/RR with Qs and Ks on this board.

The turn seems like an easy fold. You already have two of the 9s, so his propensity to bet a 9 here is already minimized. He has AQ/AT/AK a vast majority of the game.

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