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Default Re: Just Saw Sicko, Now Have Question

I'm going to try and address the question and avoid a political debate.

If you are rich enough to have to worry about your described scenario, then you can afford insurance that doesn't have a cap on payments.

If you don't have that kind of policy, and are diagnosed with such an illness and would rather your family get your cash instead of the hospital then YSSCKY.

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I appreciate you avoiding the political debate, as that wasnt the purpose of my post. We have what we have in the USA; I was simply trying to figure out what people in the know have in place preparing for medical disaster.

As for me, I'm not rich, but I wouldnt want every bit of my money to go to medical care. My policy caps out for payments at a million. So basically, any serious illness could eat that up quick; then I go broke. So I'm looking for alternatives that preferably wouldnt involve suicide.
By the way, how much do policies with no caps cost?

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A one million dollar cap is pretty high. 1 million in medical expenses is very high and it's pretty rare this threshold is reached. However, caps on insurance, especially lower caps, are a major problem in the US health care system as many people are uninformed that their plan has a cap and if you do hit your cap, you are pretty much screwed.