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Default Re: 50NL: QQ in BB vs. raise and reraise

hmm... everybody says raise pf but i thought that would be pretty bad at the time. perhaps i was wrong. Here's my reasoning;

he's obviously putting shorty AI... If i 4bet i will pretty much turn my cards up. he will fold every hand i beat and likely call with the ones that have me crushed kk & AA or could crush me on the flop; AK.I decided to see a flop and be done with the hand if an A or K came.

Now the flop is where my play is really suspect i think. It is really coordinated, I'm now beat by 77-99, flipping with TT and still losing to KK & AA.

I decided to reraise and fold to a push... this probably was a bad idea. but when he just call I decided my hand was probably good.
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