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Default Vegas Thanksgiving PLO8

If any of you hacks wants to take a shot at me while I'm out of practice, bring your bitchasses to Vegas this weekend. Better yet, PM me in the next 3 hours w/ your cell number and i'll drop a dime when the game goes. probably 2-5 at the wynn, most likely plo8/plo mix. also there'll be an uncapped dealer's chocie at binions probably friday night that you'll want to bring at least a grand to have fun in.

emptyshell and cartwright are in, so is emptyshell's brother and there are always a couple local hotshots who suck. but most importantly this is the chance for all you [censored]-ass [censored] to take a shot at me when i haven't played a hand in 3 months

Buzz how's it hanging dawg. stay straight dude.