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Default Welcome to the Lounge - here are the Rules

DB wanted me to rebrand the sticky. Nothing has changed, but we still need a sticky.

Welcome to the Lounge!

The Lounge is for thoughtful discussion on a variety of topics, including (but not restricted to) Cooking and Food, TV shows, Drinks, Music, Books & Writing, Art, Style, Fashion, Movies, Hobbies+Pastimes, Travel, History, Culture, Health, and Fitness.

When you use this forum, you are expected to be civil, courteous and respectful of other members. Arguing and being confrontational is fine in context, but being rude and insulting without foundation (particularly if that's all you come into a thread to do) with not be tolerated and action will be taken.

Similarly, all threads are to be 100% Safe for Work (SFW). No inline nakedness at all, and only very small pictures of semi-dressed people (about avatar size or less). Again, action may be taken as appropriate.

The Lounge and its posters pride themselves on quality content. This is not meant to discourage any insightful, interesting, or inquisitive posts that can generate good discussions and are otherwise up to the Lounge's standards for civility and SFW. However, threads and replies that are made without thought, care, or interest are inappropriate for this forum and are strongly frowned upon.

Otherwise, you are free to post as you see fit. Other rules may be made as issues arise, and this FAQ will be marked as UPDATED. Make sure you read any updates.

Happy Lounging.

The Lounge Mods


Post your comments, Suggestions, or Questions about TLDR in this thread

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