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Default Re: About Diablo\'s Discussion Forum (w/ thread starter list)


Some rules/guidelines/policies.

Starting threads: If you'd like to start threads or have ideas for new threads, post them in the suggestions thread and participate in existing threads. As we get to know posters from their activity here, we'll add them to the thread starter list. This is not best posters added first. We're growing the list slowly and trying to keep a nice balance of different types of posters. Good thread idea suggestions are very much appreciated.

Locking threads: If threads aren't going anywhere or there are too many threads that are thematically similar active at the same time, we'll arbitrarily lock some of them. As other thread activity dies down, we'll unlock some of them and bump them up. Just trying to keep a good mix of stuff active.

Quoting responses and other lame posting techniques: It's bad to use this tired posting device. Here's my general thought for this forum. If you don't have anything new to add to a thread besides agree w/ someone else by quoting their response, just keep it to yourself, content that your viewpoint has already been expressed in the thread. Same thing goes with -aments and the like. Unless it's really funny. Thanks.

Politics and opinion threads: I'm all for them. However, I'm not for circular, repetitive arguments. And I'm not for stupid bickering. So, offer your thoughts and rebuttals to points people make. But do one round of that. Don't respond back with the same point you already made. If three people have made the point already, don't pile on repeating the same thing. Don't make snarky, trolling posts. An occassional witty rip on someone is of course fine. And, yes, I'll make arbitrary judgements about what falls into each category. I'm happy to have discussions about anything, just don't want them to erupt into long bitchfests.

Criticizing threads/posters/flames: It's OK to make a comment if you don't like the thread, but if you're going to do that, do that and be done with it, don't make it into a flame war. If you click on a thread called "Fashion for the portly gentleman" and don't find it interesting, well, come on who do you really have to blame? Generally, a comment or two I'm fine with, as long as it isn't overly dickish. Other stuff I'll delete or lock, it's just annoying.

Thanks for helping keep the vibe here relatively low-noise.