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Default Re: Tournament Poker for Advanced Players: Exanded Edition

I'm still reading this new edition free copy arrived today FTW), but I just love this Sklansky quote on page 242 (regarding a Gap Concept matter):

"This is pure math and not open to debate."

Good stuff right there.

My early impression is that it's written in sort of a mixed fashion. While some of it is similar to NLHE:TAP as a collection of general concepts, then you've got a new NLHE quiz and hand charts thrown in there.

Fair warning to players with the 1st version: this book is what it is - an expanded version of the original TPFAP. Don't buy this expecting a whole new book, you'll be disappointed. Even with the NLHE material and updates, longtime 2+2 readers will see a lot of familiar material. The S-C numbers from NLHETAP have re-appeared, for example.

Still, there are a lot of good tuneups throughout the book and the improvements will be great for 1st time readers and cash-only players trying to expand. Any modern poker tournament book should cover NHLE with more depth than the other games, since that's really what most tourneys are.

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