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Default Re: Halloween WW - Custome Party (Game Thread)

Welcome to the 2007 POG Halloween Costume Party!!

Please kindly ignore any titles or banners that otherwise spell the word costume incorrectly. Thank you.

I am your host, dmk. You have been hand-picked to participate in a little game that should be delightfully entertaining (for me, at least).

First, thank you for following the rules on the invitation and dressing up as your favorite POGGER! This should make the game go much smoother.

So what did I have in mind? Well, I invited 7 evil bastards (and bitches) to try to take over the party!! There may be some other partiers that don't really care about who is or isn't evil. These guys don't fool around either. There will be much death and mayhem. You're going to have to fight fire w/ fire! Dont' worry, many of your fellow partiers have their own special powers that will help you in your quest.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please ask your host in private.

It is the Day 1 of the Party!

Dusk is currently estimated to occur at 10:00pm on Tuesday 10/23.

Good luck!

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