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Default Re: Les Miles to Coach Michigan

The thing I don't understand about this entire affair is where Herbstreit got his info. It sure doesn't sound like something the Michigan AD would ever do. They *usually* run a much tighter ship than that. It's unfortunate, too, because it makes it look all the more embarrassing for Michigan. It *looks like* we offered Miles, he accepted, information became public, he got pissed (or LSU dumped even more $$$ on him) and did a U-turn. But I really doubt that's the case, especially if you believe Carty and the other Michigan beat writers who claim Martin never talked to Miles.

I realize there's so much behind-the-scenes stuff we never see. But the 'agreement' and the Herbstreit leak are not at all within the character of this athletic department. You'd have to think Herbstreit (if he's going to announce on GameDay like that with so much certainty) got his info from one of three camps: Michigan AD, LSU AD, or Miles's camp. But it just doesn't sound like something the Michigan AD would do. Maybe I'm wrong.

I suppose Occam's razor would suggest that Herbstreit isn't any kind of journalist and probably just reported [censored] he heard from someone not at all close to the situation.
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