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Default Re: Les Miles to Coach Michigan

Each Les press conference makes me hope he isn't our next coach more. He sounds retarded.

[/ QUOTE ]

He makes most SEC fans very happy by staying. It's not like he is some amazing recruiter, the school recruits itself & they have almost complete control on a good High School football state. Not that I like looking at rankings in recruiting, but they have 20 guys this year & not a bunch of highly rated ones. Not impressed. They have the 2nd lowest rating per player in the top 15 on Rivals.

[/ QUOTE ]
Translation: they have the number 14 rated recruiting class according to rivals.


[/ QUOTE ]

Wait, so he's bad because he's going 10-2 with insane talent AND he sucks because he can't recruit that well (but is going 10-2 anyway)? I know you might not be saying both things but they're out there so...these aren't both right.
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