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Default Re: Les Miles to Coach Michigan

However, he has kept the LSU program at a very high level, and it's hard to ask more of a coach than that.

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Honestly, I'm amazed that anyone wouldn't want him because of clock/game management. You have to grade that stuff on a curve since most coaches at every level suck at it. It's not like LSU is such an unreal program that they have to be an elite team every year.

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Right, I've made this point before, but 1) almost everyone screws up so it's not a great point to distinguish coaches and 2) it's a very very small part of coaching. It's very easy to evaluate, but it's much less important than playcalling, scheme, recruiting, and player development, the last of which in particular is quite hard for us to judge. But instead of saying "there's a lot that's hard to figure out", we just say "he did a bad thing in this one small area so he sucks" because we're sooper-smrt geniuses who know everything.

Not saying fans can't legitimately critique football decisions, but OTOH there's a lot of things we don't know or can't judge well and we should acknowledge it.
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