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Default Re: Lloyd Carr Retiring

On the question of who, if anyone, to keep on the current staff, a big issue that not many talk about is our strength and conditioning program. Not my area of expertise, but I've heard from those in the know. It is almost universally agreed that Gittleson's methods are way behind everyone else, and we need a significant change. I've seen Ryan Mundy's quotes on the subject. He said West Virginia's S&C program is vastly superior to UM's.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah, Mundy pretty much said WVU S&C >>>> UM S&C

Gittleson runs the HIT (high intensity training) method of S&C, which (to my knowledge) only one other program in the country runs: Penn St.

If I had to think of two programs that epitomize "slow Big Ten teams that seem to recruit amazing athletes and speedsters and slow them down", it's Michigan and Penn State. HIT is widely considered an inferior S&C program for football -- it's jokingly referred to as "s-HIT" by many. The reason why players appear to look slower as they're groomed in the Michigan program might be some kind of Jedi mind trick, but I believe the effect is real, and I have to think at least some of the blame lays on Gittleson and his awful S&C program. Hopefully he's already looking for a new job with DeBord and Andy Moeller (OLine coach).

I agree that I have no program if English stays.
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