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Default Re: Lloyd Carr Retiring

Another comment...

the idea of a "michigan man" is a very important one in the AD, in every sport, since Bo. They really, really want a "michigan man"

[/ QUOTE ]

Odd thing, that. Bo wasn't a Michigan Man, at least not when he arrived (you can safely say he became one, but then we're talking about some vague set of characteristics and not having been officially associated with Michigan). Crisler didn't. Yost didn't.

Personally I don't think it matters much. The thing is, there's a ton of tradition and history here, but it's not like only a "Michigan Man" is going to play on that. Given that its a useful tool in recruiting and playing to the media and (especially) playing to fans and alums, only an idiot would not learn it and use it to his advantage. The fact that Tedford, say, didn't go to UM doesn't mean he would be less able to talk about the greatness of Fielding H. Yost and Bob Ufer in front of blue-haired alums with deep pockets than Les Miles could.

Granted, I can't say whether the AD agrees with me.
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