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Default Re: Lloyd Carr Retiring

With the talk about recruits and asst coaches...

Aren't all the asst coaches guaranteed spots next year because of the changes Lloyd made to his contracts? Also, Miles is a Michigan man, so I'd be surprised if he didn't know/work with at some point pretty much all the staff.

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No, they are guaranteed pay for one year if they are not retained. No one would right a contract actually mandating that the new coach keep every single assistant (wouldn't matter anyway; if you fired them and they sued they'd just get damages essentially amounting to a year's pay anyway, same difference). As far as his connections go, he left Michigan after the 94 season (he left shortly before Mo got canned, else he might have been made OC under Carr). Not sure who is still on the staff from them, but probably not many people.

Not sure who he'd keep, but Miles has a good track record of hiring good assistants/coordinators. If he keeps Loeffler (as an OC) and English as DC I'll trust his judgment for the time being. Loeffler is the QB coach but gets a fair amount of hype from insiders. I lack the knowledge so I'll defer to Miles. English has been reasonably impressive (sans first two games this year) considering we have no real linebackers to speak of, other than the variance-roller coaster Crable. He's also a very good recruiter. Again, given Miles' record, I'd trust his judgment, as this isn't something I really know enough to comment on in any serious way (and realistically no one else does either, at least not to the point of being able to say such a decision would be clearly wrong; unless it involved DeBord).
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