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Default Re: Lloyd Carr Retiring

Here is a thoughtful take on Les Miles as a coach. I think it does a very good job of looking at things rationally, instead of the fairly arrogant look we tend to take. Typically I see things like, "This one time I saw a coach use his timeouts poorly, so he's clearly a bad or at least mediocre coach overall," as if perfect time management is the main criteria on which we should evaluate coaches. Or the "OMG he has like a billion 5 star recruits, an idiot could go 10-2 there, so he's clearly underachieveing", even though the instances where 10-2 is a failure based on talent are very very small, the incredible demands of fans notwithstanding.

Anyway, worth reading, but I think Les is a very strong hire, though I think Tedford is still better.

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That's an interesting link.

I watched "The Rivalry" yesterday and it got me pretty fired up. I started thinking about tradition and how important it is to the success of the program. Les is a Michigan man and he already "gets it", obviously. I hope he's our next coach.
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