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Default Re: Badugi Dilemma

He has 10 outs to a badugi while you only have 9. (no Q!)

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not sure how deeply we want to get into this, but the above is only true if they are drawing to the same suit; otherwise it should be 9 and 8. Correct? (Even if they draw to the same suit, the queen is gone, so it might be 9 and 9. hmmm...)

[/ QUOTE ]

If Hero has 32A and Villain has 654, then, yes, either they are both drawing to the same suit or they each hold one of each other's outs.

If Hero has 32A and Villain has 732, though, then they can each have their full complement of outs, for example:

3c 2s Ad (drawing to hearts: 456789TJK)
7d 3h 2c (drawing to spades: A45689TJQK)
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