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Default Re: xbox 360 on lcd monitor

I have a Dell 20" LCD. I don't use my desktop much since I got a laptop a few months back, so I made it my new HDTV using my cable box and a DVD-I cable. It has 4 inputs on it, 3 of which I am using now: one for the cable, one for the desktop computer, and one for the XBox 360. Works great. A button push cycles through them. The only thing I hate is not having a remote to turn it off and on.

To connect the audio to my reciever, I had to get audio cable extensions from Radio Shack because the freaking XBox cable only allows you to spread the composite cable ends about 6 inches.

I have an Elite, so I'm betting soon I'll end up getting a larger TV with HDMI input. I don't mind my setup now at all though.
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