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Default Re: Heads Up SnG Strategy

1) For regular sng's , you can probably get about 4 per hour and maybe 5 . The average duration is about 12-15 minutes .
So a $20 sng player is capable of winning about $16-$20 . If we make this direct comparison , you'll probably earn slightly more in the sng's but the decision is close and may depend on the size of the rake or your rakeback if any .

2) Your standard deviation for sng's will be close to 1 buy-in/game or about 1 buy-in/50 hands . This is equivalent to 0.707 buy-ins/100 hands . Your standard deviation for most cash games should be close to 1 buy-in/100 hands or 100bb/100hands. This means that you'll experience more variance "per buy-in" in a cash game .

3)As always , you need many games to determine with confidence that you're a profitable player . If you've won 60% of your games after 200 games , then chances are your win rate is above 52.5% .

4) Go to the heads up forum and read the FAQ for more related questions .

Look under "Other Poker" and you'll find the heads up forum .
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