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Default Re: 2 interesting $400 PLO8 hands

Dave and everyone else who has replied,

Thanks so much for starting interesting topics like these.
I love good discussions,and you guys really know how to spark them. I greatly respect all of you. On to the hands...

Hand #1: At first I didn't look at stack sizes(I thought he was all in) and said to call. With stacks that deep I fold it. At very best you're getting slightly enough odds considering his range to call here, and you're good enough to avoid those chances and still beat the game. At worst, you're crippled(any two low cards and 78 or any two low cards and a set).

2. I'm getting my money in here. Too many possibilities. Unless he has a total monster you're getting a good price, and the key difference between this and the first hand: Even when he does have that total monster(like A2 with a set) you still have quite a few outs.

Predator, Dave doesn't want preflop comments because he already knows that everyone will question his limp UTG in hand #1 and hes ok with it. Personally, I'd love to hear Dave actually debate it and explain why he makes such plays, but in the past(and in OP here) hes avoided such discussions.

I hope you all have a great day. The holiday season is getting close,and its such an exciting time of year for all. God bless.

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