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Default Re: Gameplan to sell stuff to small businesses?

When you make your pitch do it when the decision makers are likely to have a bit or free time. Small business owners are notoriously busy and don't generally like to be bothered. My industry for example gets busy at the end of every month and end of the year so if you call or stop by at that time there is close to a 100% chance you will be hung up on or asked to leave. Remember that the business owners have 10,000 things more important to do then talk to a salesman and if they are anything like our company get several cold calls and a couple walk-ins a day which is annoying.

Better idea maybe go in to the sandwhich shop, get a late lunch after the rush and chat with the owner then and give him your business card. Don't follow up with a call, follow up with another lunch a week later - make a personal relationship with them so they don't feel like you are trying to take advantage - afterall you are just a nice guy who comes in for lunch a few times a week.
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