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Default Re: The Revolution - Game Thread

Rules, Regulations, and other fun minutiae

1. Day will begin every day around 8 AM when I annouce day - don't worry if it's a little later than that. Night is every night at 9 PM - votes timestamped 9:00 PM and earlier are good. There is no majority lynch. There is no posting at all during night. All night actions are due to me by 7 AM unless I specify otherwise to you.

2. The revolution is "the village" and the government is "the wolves". If you have any questions about which side you are on or what you are trying to accomplish after I say it is day please let me know.

3. Votes must be in bold for them to count.

4. There is to be no quoting of PMs, no communication outside of thread at any time unless specifically allowed by your role, and no angleshooting of any kind.

5. Do not upset me by derailing the game or turning it into a flame war. It takes a lot to upset me but please try to keep things somewhat civil and decent.

6. Roles will be revealed on death but how much information you get is solely at my discretion.

7. Have fun - this is an order

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