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Default Re: Players in Your Game Getting Angry...

Wow, this thread just makes me happy that I'm usually the biggest handful in our weekly donkament. Mostly everyone is just happy to be there and drink beer and some smoke P.O.T. Very chill.

One of the first times I went, when I was an outsider, I mixed it up with a regular because he was either very stoned or very drunk and was dealing a hand but sort of spacing out and taking forever to deal the streets while he had some rambling semi-coherent conversation with someone else. We ended up sniping at each other but ultimately worked through it and became mo'fos.

Then last week some knucklehead guest who was in town and knew the host and some others who plays B&M and online was pissing me off to no end. People were worshipping at his feet about how awesome he was at poker and he stupidly let it go to his head. He spouted things like how dumb it is to read poker books with some incredibly retarded logic to back that up and he took advantage of the friendly game vibe by only showing his cards at showdown if he won (he got everyone to show theirs first, I just didn't want to get involved). Even on the hand I busted him in a 3-way all-in he wouldn't flip his cards until I told him to and made a big stink about it and how he didn't have to do it, etc. So glad people like that aren't part of our regular group.
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