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Default Re: What happened to the most important thread Ive read in weeks?

42it fwiw there wasn't any nipples, vaginas, etc. in that thread but there were pics of girls in thongs, girls kissing each other, holding their breasts, etc.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well that thread sounds borderline at best. It's all about context. A thread with ten pictures that all push the boundaries is a pretty easy delete. One picture out of 20 is just a picture delete (or edit to a link) with a warning. Everything in between is base upon mod judgement. Sorry I can't give you any bright lines. Justice Stewart couldn't define hardcore pornography, but he knew it when he saw it. I'll use the same copout on NSFW. (Note that I don't normally issue bans to known posters for stuff that is merely borderline as long as it seems to be in the spirit of the thread.)
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