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Default Re: The PokerStars world passport (challange)

Id rather they roll this 250k into more attainable rewards for the many.

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It's funny, because when I was coming up with ideas of rewarding high volume players through promotions, the response I got from Scotty was something along the lines of "not wanting a promotion to reward the few" (even though the "few" in this instance are the ones paying the most rake to PokerStars.

So now they run a promotion targeting ONLY tournament players which rewards ONLY a few, with the main big prize only going to one player.

I love the fact that they are doing some different things promotion-wise, but I don't like the fact that a ton of money is being shelled out in this way (targeting a specific poker demographic).

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Doesnt the whole vip program reward tourney and stt players the most? When we talked about the rakeback at stars I remember scotty talking about a good supernova rb for sng players.
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