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Default Re: donked into on top pairing river with BP


no of course I did not fold here because I am a good SD monkey, but I really do think it is a fold vs a reasonable player

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the problem is that most of us just see 50/30 and say unreasonable player.

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I am 40/30 when filtered for 3-5 players (AP=4.7). Not much of a stretch to imagine somebody decent could VPIP another 10%, particularly if they coolcall a lot of stuff that's close from SB (A2s, K9o, Q8s, JTo, T8s, etc).

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oh I totally agree. My point is that most people that see OP and make a response are used to 6max stats, and even at 5max see 50/30 and think oh this guy is unreasonable postflop. It is a somewhat snap reaction that probably tilts the view point on our assessment of a villains play at the table.

I think folding here is ok if this is the first time you have done so, and this player is entirely reasonable. If you have folded to donks before to this player, or you have seen them get out of line you really need to call.

and as many of us have said several times I wouldn't raise the flop.
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