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Default Re: The PokerStars world passport (challange)

It's pretty decent if you're a tournament player I guess but it's not enough to get me to just switch to tourneys for a shot at this.

Essentially, the top 100 play in a tourney with a $150k prize-pool. so they each receive a $1500 value tourney-entry against a very tough field. Maybe worth slightly more than that if a handful of the entrants are unavailable to show up on Jan 13 or simply forget.

But obviously the top 100 don't even have great odds of cashing.
Still a $1500 value tourney entry is nothing to sneeze at and obviously the top prize is insanely ballin'.

I don't know...maybe I'll play a few MTT's just to see if I have a shot of sneaking into the top 1000 for the 501-1000th event.
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