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Default Re: Vista and 3+ displays. FYI type post

based on my experience:

one pci-e + one pci card from the same vendor = very slow performance

[/ QUOTE ]

I hope this was just your particular instance...

I didnt see anyone else mention any slowing down when I was trawling around.

[/ QUOTE ]

if you fire up the pc after installing the card and everything seems to be fine, make sure you're seeing the aero visual enhancements. if you're not, try to get the aero theme to load and see if everything is still running smoothly. if the computer runs slowly with aero enabled, you of course have the option of disabling aero. with aero disabled, you'll probably be fine. but i like aero, and the only way for me to get the full vista experience was to install two pci-e cards (on a board with two slots obv).
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