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Default Re: my gawd fFCKINB DONKS #IHERAEQ;WRTHOY4237548Y5RHT

John Nash was a crazy mofoximon. A Beautiful Mind is on right now.

[/ QUOTE ]

His quote to his wife at the end will make you misty if you're married.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm recording it on the DVR and need to get to bed soon so I won't see the end until I watch it again.

In my Microeconomics class we are talking about Game Theory and watched a video called "A Brilliant Madness." It was a pretty good biography of him, and I never saw A Beautiful Mind, so I'm recording it.

I'm not married either. I'm single and available for DBZ or FFK. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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