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Default 5-5 Bike Hand - standard or stupid preflop?

I have ~420, everyone covers me. Most are playing 800-1000 with two players who have 2k.

A few nuckle heads limp in. I limp 7d 8h 9d Th.
Next to act a 50yo TAG experienced button makes it 40 total, 6 players call, I pop it to 280 which leaves me 140 behind.

BTW this was a really fun game to play in. Lots of big pots where they ran it 2 or 3 times. In one particularly sick hand AAxx suited in clubs got it in against a open ender/back door st. flush draw.
The first two turns/rivers featured the underdog hiting the straight.
Final board gives AA a flush on the turn but puts up the straight flush redraw which hits on the river.
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