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Default Price of poker just went up!

I never really spent money on coaching/videos/books (yah even books, despite being registered on 2p2 forums!)

Well I was finally convinced to do otherwise, and since videos are the books of 2007(!) I signed up for a video site.

And now i'm thinking of hiring a coach. I'm a pretty decent winner - 1.2 bb @ limit (5/102 -15/30 mostly) and 4bb/100 @ msnl (2/4-3/6) over big samples.

How much coaching would i need? Like i'm guessing that as i get more lessons I will need less and less coaching (like 1st lesson is like "oh you need to change A through Z! but at the end we're through the alphabet now what!?)

Second - Say i want to spend $5k on coaching - what is better - 100 lessons @ $50/hour or 10 lessons @ $500 an hour? I'm a math guy so i see the curve as optimized somewhere in the middle - where i should be getting like 20 lessons @ $250/hour (though that means i'm siding with your price models, which i think is a fair assumption, no? Basically assuming you (all coaches that is) charge different amounts for a reason)

And third - Who wants to coach buzz_ly!
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