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Default Re: Help with flopped TTP and ass-end gutshot

I don't know if I am a winning player ... I think I am better than most people at 0.5/1 and a lot better than most people at 1/2 CAP. But I don't have a particularly large sample on PLO. The only games I know I beat are sit and gos in hold em and HORSE, and stud H/L cash game.

Anyway, as CrushinFelt points out, I think you are putting people at too wide a hand range at these limits. People don't give a lot of action. At 0.25/0.5 limits I am almost positive raising here is bad. People never stack off with anything but the nuts at that limit. I cannot win there because I am not patient enough. I imagine you feel similarly about 0.5/1

[/ QUOTE ]

from my limited 6k hand sample or so, I must say that I completely disagree with the statement that people only play the nuts..
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