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He seems to be playing perfect 2+2 mid stakes poker. He doesn't chop, which is uncommon at Commerce $20-40. Everyone chops. Even the very good players. The only ones that don't chop are anti-social nits

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With the rake at Commerce, I wouldn't call someone who doesn't chop a nit. To the contrary, I'd call them a gambler. The amount of superiority over your opponent you have to have in order for blind vs blind 20/40 play to be profitable is unreal. I always chop in raked games, never chop in time charge games.

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Ok how did you calculate this? I think if you are in the BB, and the SB is pretty weak, then you can make money off them pretty easily.

The only thing is that you will have a disadvantage vs almost anyone in the sb vs the BB and you don't want to look like a scumbag only chopping one and not the other.
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