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Default Re: 2-7 KC lowball tips?


I miss the weekly GamesGrid KCL tournament.

IMO the SS1 chapter may be a bit too tight for tournament play and doesn't give a lot of specific advice. You will need to make adjustments for shorter stacks. Rougher 9's, draws to a 9, and pat T's become playable. It may also depend on what the ante size is.

How your opponents play matters a great deal. It is hard to get a hand you feel good about, so against some players you can profitably raise any five cards on the button. Other players will happily call a big raise and draw two. (They will either go broke quickly or put the entire table on tilt.)

Study up on your game theory for post-draw bluffing/bluff-catching. And remember the Gap Concept; you really have to have a quality hand to be the third person into a pot.

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Is there any site, play money or real money that has KCL? I'd love to have a OPG tourney.
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