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Default Re: TPGK facing river aggression

Here is my thinking, why would someone who seems semi decent from their stats at least, check behind trips on the turn? He doesnt have to worry about the diamonds at all? Im not sure 77 peels this flop, but it might so I guess we can throw a few combos of that in there. At the time it really looked like missed diamonds or a weaker ace but maybe that thinking is wrong?

[/ QUOTE ]

the more i think about it, the more i sway towards a call, but in response to your post -

77 can absolutely float this flop in position against a TAG on a flop that most TAG's would cbet. as far as betting made hands on the turn, the board isn't particularly threatening - yeah there are diamonds out there, but the flop played HU - he doesn't have to worry, you don't usually have AdXd that often. i'm not saying that trips/fh is the only part of his range...what i am saying is that you can't discount them based on the fact that there is at least one draw out there and that most TAGfish would bet the turn because of that.
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