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Default Re: X-Post: Fight for Online Gaming!! Support the Frank Bill Here

i feel like adding something in the personal insights box, just so they know this form letter is somewhat personalized and actually represents a voter in their district, and not just somebody mass mailing the form letter.

Any suggestions on talking points that were missed or underexpressed in the PPA form letter?

[/ QUOTE ]

jsnipes post above yours is a good direction to take. another would be to go the "what an adult does in the privacy of their own home, with their own money, should not be legislated by a country's government...etc".

lastly, u could pull the, 'poker is a game of skill that i have enjoyed for X years now and would love to continue to be able to play it online and enjoy the game from my own home."

these are short and not well written so def dont copy them [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img], but that should give you some ideas.

i mean, just be honest. its a [censored] travesty that the govt was able to pass the original anti online gambling bill so fast and easily in the first place.

just be polite, spell correctly and it should be great. the fact that you are contacting them is way more important than what u may write in. thx.
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