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Default Re: Tournament Poker for Advanced Players??

Wow, Mason has a sense of humor, who knew?

boris, perhaps some of the reasons you mention are the reason to rerelease it, not a reason not to. I heard it has many new pages.

[/ QUOTE ]

I see how the limit discussion is of value, since it fills a niche. I admit that comment is off the mark.

But what about the fact that there is just horrible advice given in this book?

[/ QUOTE ]

I think you were missing the point I was trying to make. It's not just a "rerelease" or "reprint", it's a new version with new and updated information. So how do you know those problems won't be addressed? (Assuming they are problems.) It seems you won't be satisfied - you're criticizing the old book. If they didn't offer a new version to make changes, you'd criticize the old book. If they do make changes, you're criticizing it before even reading it. That's called a "tough audience".
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