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Default Re: Hollywood Park 15/30 - OESF draw and nut straight on flop

pf is fine. betting the flop into a field is fine. you shouldnt 3 bet the turn doesnt really accomplish much. on the river a c/c is probably most prudent.

[/ QUOTE ]

While it would be unreasonable for her to bet a dry Q here, she still might. She might also be betting something silly like AJ. Or even 9T because she's frustrated. I don't expect to win this hand, but I'm certainly calling. We don't really think she raised a set on a 89TJ board, do we? Could she have KQ? Of course. Could she have a flush? Seems like that is the most probable holding. Q(89TJ) is also a likely holding. I think you're winning lke 10-20% of the time, chopping 40-50% and losing 40-50%.
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