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Default Re: Person to person transfers.

this is likely a scammer ^^^^^^^^


I asked him who he was b/c I smelled a rat right away,
HorryCLutch is a longtime player on stars, then out of
nowhere he sends me this PM after just general chat:

nevermind got a text from bax saying you contacted a mod about me...dont like your kind...ill see what i can do about u

[/ QUOTE ]

rofl who is Bax, does he mean JohhnyBax obv? wtf has that got to do with 2p2 genius, unless Bax is a mod, but here's the kicker; I never alerted the mods about his post,
I contacted them about the poster that Horry himself outted as a scammer. Anyways I guess I [censored] up cause now he's got Bax AND Sheets after me ODAM.

you dont out people like me i out people like wherever u want...ive already talked to bax/sheets about ur attempted slander towards me...and they will take care of your name for me...thanks and gl

[/ QUOTE ]

mods feel free to check my PMs if need be, I've left them undeleted, and if this is the real Horry which I highly doubt why not just have your buddy BAX or SHeets serve you up that 5K, why go to some forum you just joined today and trade with strangers?
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