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Default Internet Bonuses Forum Rules

The Internet Bonuses forum is for the discussion of Internet Poker / Casino bonuses.

Acceptable conversation on this board include discussion and questions related to:

1) Poker bonuses
2) Casino and Sportsbook bonuses
3) Propping
4) Questions/comments about affiliate promotions (complaints should be addressed with the affiliate directly before posting on 2+2 and general affiliate discussion belongs in the affiliate forum)

Please do NOT post conversations about RakeBack and do NOT SPAM.

Note: SPAM includes, but is not limited to, referral links, referral codes, and generally anything where you receive a benefit from someone taking advantage of an offer. Telling people to PM you for the info is also a no-no.

P.S.: Just because something is not explicitly outlawed in this post does not mean it is fair game. Use common sense before posting.