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Default Players in Your Game Getting Angry...

For those of you run home games with friends, relatives and or co-workers, what do you do when one of your players throws a fit after a hand?

i host a home game every Tuesday for mostly my co-workers and friends and one player (one of my bosses who plays actually) has thrown several temper tantrums in the last few weeks. he blows up, and berates other peoples plays, and just gets generally nasty. the problem may be solved because this week he proclaimed "im not coming next week or again. i hate playing with people who play like you" this is mostly fine with me (he got really angry this week after he slow played a nut str8 so far as to let me check into a backdoor flush and take a big portion on his stack) and he doesnt have to play but what should i do.

the situation is sensitive because he's my boss although i make more that him due to commission that i make, and he is very close to my age so the friend boss line is a little blurred. im really pretty lost. i dont want him to stop coming and for others to follow.

we only play .5/1 cash but everyone buys in for 200BB usually and we straddle adn double straddle sometimes so the game plays really big. for us a $200 losing night could be a little rough.

any suggestions?
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