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Default Paul B (8:06:55 PM): Official STTF December Thread: General Discussion

1. convert your [censored] hands it takes like two seconds and makes it much easier for everyone.

2. Post interesting hands i.e. Playing HU floating the turn with 9 high no draw to set up a river bluff= sexy. Losing a 60/40= who [censored] cares.

3. Posting about variance is fine on a few conditions
1. It includes stats/graphs over a meaningful sample not ZOMG I run bad.
2. If it's a small sample but it's ridiculous run it's acceptable
3. If your name is Indiana you may not post about variance, bad beats or being fabulously wealthy

But can we please get all the mundane beats that all of has have had of times out of the thread nobody [censored] cares. To paraphrase, stop being whiney little biatches.
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