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Default FTP rakeback issue

When I created my FTP account on October 06 I signed under an affiliate to get a 27% rakeback. I didnt play on my FTP account until 2months ago and it seems like I dont get my rakeback paid to my FTP account as it was supposed to. The problem is that I didnt write down which affiliate it was. The only info I remember is that the signup code was "GROUPA1" and that the email address was and his name was AJ. I think that the name of the affiliate was something like FullTiltPoker VIP or something similar. I tried to send an email to that email address but got no reply...

Could anyone help me with that? I would contact FTP to ask them but I don't know if they allow rakeback... I was also wondering if it would be possible to switch from one affiliate to another if you get screwed by one?
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