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Default Re: small stakes-facing blind bets from button and SB, when I\'m UTG

i didn't limp - i called the $5 blind bet from the BB.

the button and BB bet $5 each before the hand was dealt. after the cards were dealt I was utg and looked down to 88. the button had a big stack (relative to the blinds and table), about $100+. the BB had the same stack size as me, about $20 - the standard buy in. since I was first to act, I called the $5 and decided to see a flop. not sure if that was the best play. I was confident if i called, the 3 players to my left were folding to the button unless they had a premium hand in which case I could ditch the 88.

so after i called, the button who had put in $5 blind and the BB who had put in $5 blind checked blind to see a flop. (the SB had folded pf). when the flop came, the BB bet about $3. his range is wide with a bet like that. on a JJ2 flop he either hit the 2 or had a draw. its possible he had a pair below jacks, but i'm only losing to TT,99. a jack was unlikely but maybe possible.

the problem was, the button still hadn't peeked at his hole cards. if he wakes up to a jack my shove is wasted. i decided to isolate with the BB and I shoved. the button peeked and folded. the SB had a flush draw and for one g*d d*mn time my hand held up.

hope that clears it up.
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