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Default Re: 13-card Nim Poker

3 Ace NLHE

Simply enough, No Limit Hold'em (could be other games) with the A[img]/images/graemlins/spade.gif[/img] removed from the deck. Despite being a seemingly minor change, it would considerably alter the game:

- Big Aces become weaker as they have five outs to hit a pair rather than 6.
- Pocket Aces become considerably rarer, and slightly weaker as they only have 1 out to a set.
- Broadway and wheel straights are even harder to hit.
- Spade flushes are harder to get, which also reduces the value of suited spades preflop.
- Having the Ace as an overcard to your pair is less of a problem, because (a) there are fewer Aces in the deck that an opponent could have paired and (b) they are more likely to have been folded preflop due to the Aces being weaker.
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